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Who is concerned?

The construction of the toll highway affects a large number of people who have been listed within the framework of the preparation and implementation of the RPF and RAP. These Persons affected by the Project (PAP), are located on the limits of the highway routing. They might have built their homes there or be engaged in an industrial, commercial or agricultural activity and should be moved.  All in all, about 7 988 households (with an average of 4 to 6 people/ household) and 2744 businesspersons located along the routing should be displaced.  
All the PAP listed along the right-of-way are eligible for compensation, regardless of their status. The compensations are determined on the basis of the categories of PAP and the losses incurred due to the Project’s implementation:

  • Residential plot owners
The legal or customary owners of the lost land will be compensated at the market price or in kind by replacing the lost plot by another on the relocation site.
  • Agricultural land owners
Farm operators are compensated cash. In the case of market gardeners operating on the  Pate d’Oie –Pikine stretch, Apix supported Enda in its efforts to find a site for them. An 11 hectare land was thus provided to them by the Forestry Department in relation with the Mbao municipality. 
  • Compensation allowances
The losses of plots, houses, buildings and other equipment will be compensated at the price of  new ones, without any form of devaluation, in cash or in kind, depending on the PAP.
  • Tenants
All listed tenants will be paid a flat-rate compensation equivalent to six months rent to enable them to find another accommodation. 
  • Loss of services 
The loss of basic services like water, sanitation, electricity, fixed telephone was also taken into account in the RAP. All houses rebuilt on the relocation site will be automatically connected to running water and a sanitation system. Besides, each household will be paid a flat-rate compensation to cover its moving costs.
  • Businesses and petty trading activities

Businesses and petty trading activities might temporary loose earnings because of the project. These earnings are compensated according to the type of business, with the equivalent of a month’s activity.  Street vendors will  not be compensated since it is believed that their mobility will enable them to resettle elsewhere and that they will not lose income because of the project.  

Owners of rented property will be paid the equivalent of 4 months’ rent if they lose rental revenues because of the project.  

Farm operators who lose agricultural income because of the project will be compensated on the basis of the value of their annual harvest based on the estimate made during  the inventory.  A flat-rate compensation will also be paid to farm operators to make up for the costs of preparing their new farming plots.

  • Fruit trees 
Lost fruit and shade trees will be compensated on the basis of their maturity, and the flat rates applied during the construction of the first two highway stretches.
  • Infrastructure and community facilities
The public infrastructure and community facilities will be compensated or replaced in kind on the relocation site. A budget has been earmarked for such reconstruction.